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  • direction:
    • left-to-right
  • common-name:
    • β-n-acetylglucosaminylglycopeptide β-1,4-galactosyltransferase
  • ec-number:

Reaction formula

Gene(s) associated with this reaction


  • PWY-7831, ABH and Lewis epitopes biosynthesis from type 2 precursor disaccharide:
    • 2 reactions found over 11 reactions in the full pathway
  • PWY-7833, biosynthesis of Lewis epitopes (H. pylori):
    • 2 reactions found over 9 reactions in the full pathway
  • PWY-7837, i antigen and I antigen biosynthesis:
    • 3 reactions found over 5 reactions in the full pathway
  • PWY-7434, terminal O-glycans residues modification (via type 2 precursor disaccharide):
    • 5 reactions found over 8 reactions in the full pathway

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